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Mark Mansisus
Jack Floyd
Former Supervisor at the Department of Commerce

June 28, 2017

In 2012, I was privileged with an opportunity to run for an office in the United States Congress. I ran with a group of nine candidates. During the process, I enjoyed an association with many new friends and experienced the goodness of our Congressional District. One of my new friends was Bill Sargent (and his family).  

Over the next several years, Bill and I (and our families) enjoyed many meals and activities together. For several years, we have also diligently composed a weekly editorial for a major local newspaper as part of the Three Musketeers.  

During a discussion between the two of us a little over a year ago, Bill passionately expressed his feelings about many unfulfilled needs within our Congressional district. Too many of our important issues had been left without resolution, or worse, unrecognized – especially in the past five years. With further discussion it became clear that he should become involved in the political process. I volunteered, offering help and support even as his campaign manager if needed.

Having already experienced the heavy workload of running for a Congressional office, I volunteered once again for the hundreds even thousands of hours of effort, the tens of thousands of miles of travel, and the occasional feelings of thanklessness to support a good friend and a good man, knowing this effort was one without monetary compensation. 

Why? In short, it is about Leadership; it is about Integrity. Bill’s experience is broad. It includes a couple of decades of service in Washington, working on the staffs of several key members of Congress in both the House and Senate, and working on legislation for the Department of Commerce. He learned the absolute necessity of fostering working relationships within both the House and Senate in passing legislation. He has operated a small business. Most recently, he successfully took on the challenge of improving the election process in Galveston County and the State of Texas.

Experience, though important, only expresses a portion of the essential characteristics. Bill finishes tirelessly what he begins. HE is DRIVEN. He listens to all views, seeking complete understanding. He lives by his promises. His successes speak loudly. During the Texas 2015 Legislative session, he championed several important pieces of election legislation and, by garnering help and support from both parties, successfully fostered and watched half of the proposals pass. During the 2017 session, 100% of his proposed changes in law passed, again because he worked tirelessly in finding support from both sides. He did so without compromising his strong conservative values. This is Leadership: Leadership with Integrity.  

Our Nation is at a crossroad. Because of our district’s location on the Gulf, it naturally has many Constitutionally-authorized Federal issues. We need Leadership: proven Leadership with ingenuity, and Integrity. BILL SARGENT’s unique blend of character with experience equals the kind of Leadership we need in Washington.  

Join me in voting for, supporting, and sending Bill Sargent to Congress.


Signatuure of Mark Mansius
Mark Mansius
Congressional Candidate
West Columbia, Texas

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July 20, 2017

Sarge worked for me for many years at the Department of Commerce in Washington, DC.  During that time I never knew him to walk away from a challenge.  He is laser focused on improving the things around him; be it the mission of the office, the goals of the job-at-hand, his community, or his church.  Everything he touches he tries to improve.   He has the ability to cut through superfluous details and get to the heart of the matter.  As evidence of his abilities he was awarded not just one, but two Department of Commerce Bronze Medal awards while we worked together.

Sarge also has great integrity.   He has deep religious and moral convictions that guide his daily life.  His personal values and the way he conducts his life are beyond reproach.  And he has strong conservative principles that cannot be compromised by outside influences.

During the time we worked together we had a saying in the office, “If you want something done just mention it to Sarge.”  He was our “go-to guy,” that’s just who he is!

He is a capable and resourceful person who has the ability to bring people with divergent interests together in order to get things accomplished. He is a dependable leader who can be trusted and who was looked up to by his colleagues. 

Never in the history of our nation have we been more in need of a person like this.  Consider supporting his campaign to represent the 14th Congressional District of Texas.  You will be glad you did.

Jack Floyd
Former Division Director and
Leader of the Export Enforcement Customer Service Team
Bureau of Industry and Security

U.S. Department of Commerce
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