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Childish Things that Campaigns Do!
We'd expect more from a third term career incumbent Congressman!  (1/3/18)

Oh the games people play!  After the Sargent campaign placed signs up around the county his opponent's campaign strategically placed their signs as to obscure Sargent's. The question is WHY?  Is the Weber campaign so concerned about Sarge or are they just playing silly games?  Is it a desperation move or just campaign workers gone amuck?  Either way it is childish and not something voters should expect from their Congressman.  Being gentlemen we sent a text to the Congressman in late December asking him to address this issue.  As of today, no response, no action!  Hmmm!

Mouse over or click on the images below to see what it looks like after Weber's campaign posted their signs!

Weber campaign places signs to obscure those of his opponent.
Highway 518 across from Creekside Intermediate School in League City (above)

Auto repair facility on 528 in Friendswood (below)

Weber campaign places signs so as to obscure his opponent's signs
Scholtsky's on 528 in Friendswood -
Since the mouse over photo was taken we have moved our sign at this location to get separation from the incumbent!
Weber Campaign places signs so as to obscure those of his opponent!