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Sarge's Statement
Thanks to YOU! Contacts:
Mark Manisus: 979-943-4319
Bill Sargent:

March 12, 2018

Dear friends and supporters:

My run for Congress was a long and hard fought campaign and without you it
would not have been possible. During the past year I have had the pleasure
of meeting many new people and gotten the opportunity to pray with, and for,
many hurting folks (including a WWII Marine in Jefferson County who was
bedridden, several vets who were trying to deal with PTSD, and even a young
lady whose father came in contact with agent orange in Vietnam and she
was dealing with medical issues passed on to her by her dad)

We knocked on over 15,000 doors in this campaign, put in countless hours,
and I just want to let you know that even in losing, it was still worth the
effort. We ran an honest campaign with integrity and we have nothing to
be ashamed of! I shall never forget the times we had together and the
friendships we have developed.

A final note: In the three days following the election our team went out and
picked up over 175 4x4 signs in Brazoria, Galveston and Jefferson Counties.
We think we got them all, but if you see one of our 4x4 signs, please let us
know. If you have one of our yard signs feel free to discard it or frame it …
...your choice!

Again, thanks for all your support and more importantly for your friendship!
Blessings to you all…  Remember, this campaign was All About YOU!