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Video Clips of Sarge
2018 - Weekly Town Hall Meetings
"Monday Moments with Sarge"
Introduction to Monday Moments with Sarge
of Monday Moments with Sarge

Monday Moments with Sarge - January 29, 2018January 29th Broadcast

1. You are a veteran what did you do and
where did you serve?
2. Your brochure says you have 25 years of legislative experience. Who did you work for and what did you do?
3. The current Representative seems pretty
conservative. Why are you running?
4. How do you feel about short term
spending bills?
5. Why are you in favor of building a coastal
barrier system and where's the funding
coming from?
6. Immigration and border security issues
7. Gun control:  What can we do to stop
gun violence?
How do we keep our
children safe?
8. I a Democrat! How can a Democrat vote for you in the Republican Primary?
9. Guns and the purchase of silencers. What's your opinion about letting folks purchase them?
10. Would you continue to hold these town hall meetings if you are elected?
11. When short term funding is approved, does that mean Planned Parenthood and Obamacare get fulling funded?

Monday Moments with Sarge, February 6,2018
February 6th Broadcast

1. What will you do to help Veterans who need help getting to see a doctor?
2. What do you think about President Trump and his border wall?
3. You have been called a bureaucrat. Do you care to comment?
4. Hasn't your opponent worked to help recreational red snapper fishermen?
5. What is your opinion on President Trump's "unethical behavior" and the Russian investigation?
6. Where are you on protecting the lives of unborn children?
7. What is your opinion about political bias creeping into the investigation of President Trump?
8. What are the most important things we need in a Congressman?
9. How would you define a "career politician?"

Monday Moments with Sarge-February 13th Broadcast
February 13th Broadcast

1. The Congress passed a two year budget bill last week.  What do you think about it?
2. Will you vote for bills that increase the level of spending?
3. Israel retaliated against Syria for their drone flying into Israeli air space. What do you think about this?
4. Why is it Trump released the GOP FISA memo but not the Democratic memo? Isn't this just playing politics again?
5. What do you think about the Postal Service stopping weekend service?
6. Why are you the best candidate in this race?
7. The Republicans control both houses of Congress and the Presidency. Why can't they seem to get things done?
8. Do you support the Life at Conception Act?
9. What is your stand on Net Neutrality?

Monday Moments with Sarge, February 19, 2018February 19th Broadcast

1. What is your position on Net Neutrality (continued).
2. You made a Facebook post about your accomplishments. How can you claim these bills were your bills when they were introduced by Wayne Faircloth and others?
3. Most of bills passed in Congress increase spending. Is this true of the bills you helped get passed?
4. Will you publicly commit not to take PAC money?
5. I'm a Vet who was accosted by at a VA facility and called my Congressman and got no help.  What would you do to help me?
6. Will you vote to ban automatic weapons sales?
7. You say that this race is a walk of faith. What do you mean by this and what does God have to do with this?
8. Since you worked at the Commerce Department, what is your view on NAFTA?


Monday Moments with Sarge, February 26, 2018
February 26th Broadcast
Part I

1. You served in Legislative Affairs for the U.S. Department of Commerce.  What was the most humorous thing that happened while you were there?
2. What are your views on medical marijuana?
[Technical difficulties required us to do a part II to this broadcast. It is continued below]

Part II 

3. The Constitution doesn't have anything to say about AR-15s. So why should we allow them to be readily available?
4. How are things going on the campaign trail? They cannot be easy!
5. Your campaign material says you have the ability to bring people together.  Can you share an example of when this happened?

Three Minute Memos
from the 2012 Campaign for Congress

Making a Choice:
May 2012, Bill turns the mic over to Jean, his wife as she talks about some of the things the voters in Congressional District 14 might want to consider in selecting the next Congressman to represent them.

Election Day is Tuesday, May 29, 2012
May 2012
Who Is Minding the Store?
Bill talks about the $822,000 GSA party in Vegas that you and I paid for but were not invited to attend! Send the man with the experience to Washington, someone who will "Mind the Store." That man is Bill Sargent!
April 2012
Obama Administration Legislating by Regulation

April 2012 - Obamacare: An Issue of Liberty vs. Control

March 24, 2012 - Obama's Energy Policy is not about Energy!
Audio and Video Clips
From the 2012 - Bill Sargent for Congress Campaign
George Douglas Lee's Audio interview with Sarge
Do you really want to learn who Sarge is?

Listen to the February 2012 Electric Radio interview he had with George Douglas Lee

Campaign Announcement:

In February 2012 Sarge officially announced his run for the 14th Congressional District of Texas. This video is of that announcement.

March 8, 2012 - Jefferson County Congressional Forum:

Bill Sargent's statement and questions.

Bill's presentation to the Galveston TEA Party
January 2012

Galveston Tea Party Question and Answer Session
January 2012