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About Bill "Sarge" Sargent
Legislative Experience | 20 Year Veteran | Small Bussinessman | Election Administration
Political | Newspaper Columnist | Education | Memberships & Associations

Legislative Experience:
  • Texas Legislature: Sarge was Galveston County's point man for Election-related legislation. Here are the results of his legislative leadership:
    - In the 2015 legislative session 50% of his bills were enacted.
    - In the 2017 legislative session all of them were enacted.
    Bill was able to pull together a consortium of people from State Republican and Democratic party organizations, County Clerks and Election Administrators, and the Secretary of State's Office. Because his legislation became a must pass measure, sponsors of other bills worked with Sarge to add their bills to his in order to get them enacted.

  • U.S. House of Representatives: Sarge worked for two Congressmen
    - [1970] Donald E. "Buz" Lukens (R-OH), serving as press secretary and district representative.
    - [1971-1972] Lou Frey Jr. (R-FL), serving as his press and legislative assistant.
    Bill worked on Congressman Frey's Energy and Commerce-related legislation and became familiar with NASA-related issues because the Congressman represented the Kennedy Space Center and served on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

  • U.S. Senate: [1973] Sarge worked for the newly elected Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) helping him set up his press communications office.

  • U.S. Department of Commerce/Office of Congressional Affairs: [1973-1994]
    Bill worked with members and staff of both the House and Senate on Commerce Department-related legislation for 21 years. During this time he handled legislation for the National Bureau of Standards, the International Trade Administration, the Export Administration, and U.S. Travel and Tourism Service.

Other Experience:

  • Retired U.S. Navy Veteran: [1961-1981]
    Sarge joined the Navy as a Seaman Recruit, graduated from Officers Candidate School, and retired after twenty years of service as a Lieutenant Commander.

  • Small Businessman:
    - Bill was a Realtor in Northern Virginia serving as a salesman, Broker, and Million Dollar Sales Club Member. In one year he sold 37 properties!
    - [2000-2010] He also started and managed his own Web development company; developing ADA accessible Websites for companies from Virginia to Texas.

  • Elections Administration: [2011-2017]
    As Galveston County's Chief Deputy Clerk for Elections, Sarge upgraded the County's election process, doing such a good job that county election officials from across the state of Texas frequently sought his advice and counsel.

    Some of the non-legislative accomplishments during his six year tenure include:
      - Ensuring all polling places are ADA compliant allowing disabled voters to independently access all of Galveston's polling locations;
      - Successfully bringing countywide election day voting to Galveston County;
      - Developing and deploying the first elections mobile application in Texas, giving voters information on their smart phones about the polling places closest to them, voter ID requirements, sample ballots, election night results and a host of other functions;
      - Improving and automating the absentee voting process; and
      - Improving and standardizing election worker training.

  • Political: [2008-2011]
    Additionally, Sarge has served the Republican Party of Galveston County as precinct 223 chair, Elections Administrator, Presiding Election Judge and Presiding Judge of Central Count; and a Delegate to three state conventions. 

  • Newspaper Columnist: [2013-2017]
    Bill is one of the "Three Musketeers" who writes a weekly column for the Galveston County Daily News.

  • Education:
    AA - General Education - Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California
    BS - Business Administration (Marketing) - San Jose State University, San Jose, California
    MA - Speech Communications (Broadcasting) - University of Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii

  • Memberships and Associations
    Galveston Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association
    Coastal Conservation Association
    Lighthouse Charity Team
    Clear Creek Republican Women (Associate member)
    Republican Network